About Me

I’m Vicky. Born and raised in the UK, I now live in a quaint little village in Central France with my partner, Paul, and my dog, George. I have a BA in Philosophy from Cardiff University, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of London.

I started off writing over fifteen years ago. I’d take on every writing job I could get: blog posts, articles, web-content, stories, you name it. I did pretty well at it, and got some great feedback from clients, but after I while, I realised it wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing in all forms. I love the creativity of it, and I love stringing words together in a way that makes them sparkle, but what I love more is reading. And that’s when I turned to editing and proofreading.

I’ve been in this industry for over ten years now. You know what I love about it? I love seeing that spark in someone’s writing, and helping to make it shine. I get a buzz from getting involved in the process, from seeing a book or a thesis or a blog post go from its raw form to something brilliant. I take your babies and adopt them as my own, watching them grow from their first, tentative steps, and develop right into a fully published and flourishing adulthood. I love learning too, and I always learn something new with every manuscript I edit. Since I started editing, I’ve worked with a whole range of authors, and on a whole range of documents. I’ve worked on fiction, self-help, educational material, non-fiction, blogs and web-content, and academic papers. And do you know what? I’ve loved every single one of them!

I appreciate there are a lot of editors out there, and even more people claiming to be editors (I can’t count the amount of books I’ve worked through that have already been ‘edited’). You have a lot of choice, I know. So why should you choose me? What makes me unique as an editor? Apart from my education, skill, and experience, I genuinely care about your work. I will get as excited as you when we see progress, and if we encounter problems, it’ll keep me up all night just the same. I have my phone in my hand and switched on 24/7, meaning I’m quick to reply whenever you have a question or a query. I don’t have set office hours either, meaning if you’re on a tight deadline or you prefer working ‘unsociable hours’, I’ll be right there with you.

If you have any more concerns about working with me, check out the testimonials on my homepage, or contact me.