Writing a book, especially non-fiction, is all about passion. You have a passion for your subject, you want to share it with the world, you want to inform, educate and engage your readers. That’s great, it really is, and if you’ve got that fire in you, it will show through in your writing. You know what will put your readers off, though? That thing that will make them second-guess you, wonder if you know your stuff after all? Bad editing.

You’ll get the best results if we build a good, working relationship in which we can communicate clearly and honestly with one another—and I always strive to do that with all my clients. I won’t lie, I won’t sugar-coat things, I will tell you the truth, but I promise that whatever feedback I give will always be constructive. If I need to say a negative, I’ll back it up with a positive, and I’ll always offer positive ways of overcoming those negatives. The same freedom applies to you, by the way. If you don’t like the way I’ve done something, tell me.

Here are the services I offer:

Manuscript Feedback

If you’re looking for some feedback on your writing, your structure, the clarity of your voice and argument, or how well I think readers will understand you, this is what you need. I will read your manuscript and write a two-page (minimum) report, detailing what’s good and what needs work. I will also provide in-line comments along the manuscript, if you provide me with an editable file (ideally MS Word). This is useful if:

  1. You’re not sure whether your book is good or not.
  2. You don’t know which type of editing you require.
  3. You want some general feedback on your work, along with some detailed comments, but no actual editing/proofreading.
  4. You have questions you need an honest reader to answer—such as whether a certain factor was clear or not.

Prices start at £50


Copy-editing involves taking your manuscript sentence-by-sentence and really giving it a good scrub. I’ll look at sentence structure, word usage, readability, flow, grammar, punctuation, and accuracy, as well as rooting out errors and typos. I’ll look at it forwards, backwards, and inside-out, and for the price you pay, I’ll go through your manuscript at least twice, giving you feedback and allowing you to review the changes between each pass. Copy-editing doesn’t normally involve any major of structural changes, but I may make some suggestions if I think it’s necessary. Don’t worry, though. As always, you get the final say, and we’ll discuss any major changes in detail before anything happens.

Prices start at £0.005 per word


This is your absolute last stage of editing. It is, as the name suggest, a reading of the ‘proof’ or mock-up of your book. It’s done when the book has been put together, the typography is set, and the cover is chosen. It’s a last, last check for errors, typos, and misprints. In some ways, this is the most difficult form of editing because it requires a huge attention to detail and focus, yet it will involve the least amount of changes—if any at all—because they should have been picked up in a previous round of edits (although we all know that typos breed when we aren’t looking, so there’s bound to be one or two).

Prices start at £0.01 per word

A Note on Reviews:

I don’t agree with the practice of paying for reviews. That said, if you use one of the services above—and I like your book—I am willing to write an honest review for Amazon or Goodreads. If you want your book reviewed and you’re not using my services, message me. I’m not guaranteeing I’ll read and review it, but if I like the sound of it, I just might.