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If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that your work is important. Whether you’re writing to publish or just for fun, the quality of your work matters. Everyone makes mistakes—from the worst writers in the world, to the very best ones—and often, spotting those mistakes in your own work is near-impossible. That’s why Positive Points is here to help.

Do you write fiction? Great. I can help with plot, characterisation, structure, punctuation, and more.

Non-fiction or academic papers? Let’s check for consistency, style, syntax, referencing, grammar, and more.

Is English your second language? I can help with that too.

Whatever you’re writing, and no matter what your publishing goals are, I have the services to suit your needs.

Simply tell me; are you…?

An academic or a student

Academic writing at every level is much more technical than writing for yourself. There are rules you have to follow, a certain style you have to abide by, and...Read more

A novelist

There are many stages to getting a book to a publishable level, and there are a number of different ‘edits’ your manuscript needs to go through. You’ll get the...Read more

A non-fiction writer

Writing a book, especially non-fiction, is all about passion. You have a passion for your subject, you want to share it with the world, you want to inform...Read more

A business

Running a business is tough. You’re busy. You need skilled, reliable people in your team. You need to be safe in the knowledge that the work you require doing is...Read more

A blogger

Blogging is such a big category to fit into one box. Do you blog for fun or for financial gain? Do you write blog posts for other people? Is your blog designed to...Read more

Writing English as a foreign language

Learning a language is hard work, and learning to write in that language is harder still. I know, I’ve been in your position—in fact, I am still in your position...Read more

Katie (PhD dissertation: paper review and copy editing)

Victoria is able to help me with problems specific to academic writing that deal with clarity and cohesive ideas. She is very good at reading into the work and working with me to get at what I am trying to say when I can get lost in the details of my research, in this way she helps as a true editor, not just checking and correcting errors. I have a new confidence in my work and potential because she provides more than another set of eyes, but can flag things that are problematic on more sophisticated levels. Having Victoria review my work is the next best thing to a peer review in terms of making sure I'm getting at the kind of clarity and precision one needs in academic writing.

Derek Pisieczko (Representing students of English: copy editing and proofreading)

I highly recommend Vicky for any proofreading or editing gig. She has helped our educational consultancy, for nearly three months, editing students' personal statements and short essays. Our students have all commented on her efficiency, high-quality work, and detail-oriented approach to the editing process. Beyond her edits, her comments have helped students improve their English and gain an alternative perspective. As her “boss,” Vicky has been punctual, quick to reply, and quicker to deliver exceptional work. Each assignment has been delivered a day or two earlier than the deadline. It’s hard to find a freelancer who cares about your business as much as you do, but Vicky does.

Wayne Farrugia (Fiction: proofreading)

It was fantastic having Victoria edit & proofread my novels. She was highly professional and her great attention to detail picked up small errors I completely missed. Her input and feedback she provided was very helpful and I greatly appreciate the time and effort she gave. I would hire Victoria again for future projects!

Nina (Master’s thesis: developmental and copy editing)

I'm happy I've met Victoria. She is a very kind and warm person, but most of all she has done her job professionally. She gave me advice when I needed it too. I will definitely work with her in the future.

Andres Valdes (Non-fiction: proofreading)

One of the best experiences I've had with freelance help. Vicky has eyes like a hawk. I had my book edited multiple times before I found her, but she found stuff that slipped past everyone. Hire her and stop wasting time!

Robert Pup (Fiction: feedback review)

Lots of excellent feedback from Victoria and it's all going to be very helpful because it's specific to my story as well as insightful due to her experience and expertise. Very happy to have hired her.

Ian (Educational content: copy-editing)

Vicky was great to work with, very happy with her availability and high standard of work!

Anonymous (B2B blogger: copy-editing and proofreading)

Great work Victoria! I didn't expect to have this job done so quickly! 100% recommend!


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