Terms and Conditions

My Guarantees to You

  • I will provide professional, timely, friendly service, and I will work to the best of my ability on your project.
  • You work is treated completely confidentially, and I’m happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you prefer.
  • We can create a formal contract if you prefer. I already have a basic template that can be altered according to your specific requirements. Ongoing contracts are available too.
  • I’m not finished working until you’re happy.
  • You keep control of your manuscript at all times. Any changes will be made using MS Word’s ‘track changes’ feature, so you can ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ accordingly, and I’ll make comments using their ‘Comment’ feature. Anything you’re not happy with, contact me.
  • I’ll respect your style manual or choices, and I’ll respect your ‘voice.’
  • I’ll meet, if not exceed, your deadlines.

What You Need to Do

  • Provide me with a sample of your work when you enquire about a quote.
  • Answer queries or emails in a timely manner. Often, I can’t continue with my work without an answer from you.
  • Be honest with me—if you’re not happy with my work, tell me. If you’re happy with my work, tell everyone else!
  • Adhere to the payment policy below.

Payment Policy

You will be invoiced via PayPal in your preferred currency once your job is completed, or at pre-agreed milestones in your project. Please pay within 10 days of your invoice. If you are a business or have an ongoing contract, we can arrange an alternative payment that suits your business. Overdue invoices incur a 5% late-payment fee.

Privacy policy

I won't share your information with anyone else without your consent. I’m happy to sign a confidentiality agreement or an NDA if requested.


In general, I’ll use emails as a form of contract. After our initial consultation, you’ll receive an email detailing the agreed work to be undertaken, an estimated timeframe, and an overview of costs, along with a payment plan where relevant. If you require a formal contract, please contact me.

Complaints policy

I really want you to be happy with your work, and I really want you to succeed in whatever you’re doing. I can’t reiterate it enough—if there’s something you’re not happy about, please contact me. I’ll do everything in my power to make it right—and if I can’t, I’ll find someone who can.

Limitation of liability

All the work I do and the advice I provide, I do in good faith. I correct your documents according to my experience and education, and I do my absolute best to eliminate as many errors from your manuscript as I can. However, it’s not always possible. I’m human too, and due to the nature of the work, I can’t guarantee it will be absolutely, 100% error-free. I will do everything I can to polish your manuscript to a publishable level, but ultimately, I am not responsible for any final omissions or errors. Please check all manuscripts carefully before publication.

If you have any concerns about the legality of your document, be it plagiarism, copyright infringement, intellectual property, libel, or anything else, please contact a legal representative. I hold no responsibility for the content or legality of your work.

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